New Site Design


The site has been basically rebuilt from the ground up, with a new CMS backend .
The CMS I am using is an open source product called Joomla, and I have integrated Menalto Gallery2 for image display.

Clicking on the links in the menu to the left, or up at the top of the page, will take you to the content on the site.

I have copied over some of my older trip-report material to this version of the site, this may be found by clicking on the link in the bottom left menu titled "Archival Material".

In late April '06 I made a "fat finger" error and deleted a couple of database tables that were essential for the background operation of the website. I was able to restore to a backup from nearly a year previously, but this was only a stopgap measure.

 For some time now I have had a plan to change this site to a more modern, dynamic generation method. With the loss of the gallery database I was prompted to finally get on with the job of migration. So today the site is launching with a brand new back end content management system, Joomla .

The new site contains the most recent of the older dynamic galleries, accesible by clicking the Galleries link. These galleries are generated by Menalto Gallery2, using the 4-theweb Gallery 2 Bridge component.