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Foot Traffic Flat Half-Marathon

I wanted to go out and see if I could do better than my first half marathon race in Corvallis, so I signed up for the Foot Traffic Flat half marathon on Sauvie Island, held each year on the 4th of July.

And, here it is:


A little faster overall this time (1:57:41 chip time), but I was hampered by the mass start (I was a reasonable way back from the starting line to begin), which meant that the first two miles (3.2 km for the metric readers) was spent shuffling and sliding among a group of slower runners. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as it stops you from going out too hard early and burning through all your muscle glycogen in an early blaze of glory. I did a much better job of nutritional intake and pacing this time, which helped quite a lot.


Corvallis Half-Marathon

Over the last year or so I decided I needed to get fitter. Partly because, you know, you just are meant to do that kind of thing. Also, I have to admit, because one of my residents challenged me to run the Corvallis Half-Marathon with her. And I am nothing if not competitive.

So, here it is:

1 hr 59 minutes 19 seconds chip time (the extra 10 seconds is me pausing my watch). I was aiming for less than 2 hours, so I suppose I should be happy.  Bonked a bit in the last few miles as I, regrettably, did not refuel during the race. Next time...

And the irony; my resident was in a minor car accident a couple of weeks prior, and she was not allowed to run. So I didn't get the chance to beat her.



Perseid and Crater

Perseid meteor and galactic center over the rim of Crater Lake, August 2015

After years of missing the Perseid meteor shower, either because of work commitments or the Pacific NorthWest's persistent and tenacious cloud cover, I finally managed to see the shower and get some wide field astrophotographs including them this year. This shot was taken from the rim of the crater at Crater Lake National Park in central Oregon. The lights on the horizon are from the Crater Rim village and Mazama camp ground, the shot is directed almost due East, towards the galactic center that is rising to the right. A large forest fire to the south of the park has resulted in a smoky haze in the lower atmosphere, giving the sky a warm diffuse glow.

Shot with my Nikon D800E at ISO 3200, 25 second exposure at 24 mm, f2.8. 11:33 PM on August 12.